Enrichment Days

Every year, students of each grade level participate in Enrichment Trips planned by the faculty. During the course of their high school years students will go on trips to the PA Renaissance Fair, Washington, DC, dramatic presentations, and other cultural events. The Enrichment Fee is included in student fees and the field trip policy is followed.

In the sixth grade the last period of each day is a scheduled opportunity for students together in their homerooms and get organized. Here students get a head start on their homework and are assisted by teachers in organizational and time management strategies

7th and 8th grade students that need a little more help focusing and getting organized have the option of a study skills course. This course is designed to give the students the tools they need to be successful lifelong learners. Instructors network with all of the students teachers and devise plans that optimize the students time, builds on their strengths, and bolsters the areas in need of improvement.