An important goal at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School is to develop leaders, and infuse them with the skills necessary to be successful in the leadership roles they have. Our small community provides the student body with many opportunities to learn these skills, as well as the forum to actively use the leadership skills they have been taught.

Some students will participate in Student Government, elected and nominated by the student body and teachers, where they will represent their classmates and their institution as a whole. Student Government students will actively plan and rutinely run many of the events that take place at Mt. Carmel. It is a team effort here on our vivacious campus, allowing middle school representives to interact with the high school Student Government throughout the year.

Students also take leadership roles by being elected as captains for athletic teams, being members and/or officers of the National Honor Society, being appointed to the Principal’s Advisory Board, or volunteering to be part of Campus Ministry. In all instances, students are taught leadership skills of cooperation, time management, and group dynamics so that they can develop the skills, integrity, and confidence necessary to take on leadership positions beyond their school experience.