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Middle School Athletics

The middle school athletic program here at Our Lady of Mount Carmel is specifically designed to achieve two things. One, to provide our student-athletes with a forum to grow socially, physically, and competitively in a competitive environment, preparing those interested for high school athletics. Two, to provide each and every student another extra-curricular activity for them to enjoy themselves and have fun. Just as the academics of our middle school prepares students for high school, the athletics has the same goal, while also allowing the students to have a bit of fun in the process!

Teams will typically practice or play approximately three times per week after school. Student-athletes will be dismissed from school, report to the high school to change, where they meet their coach and report to athletics. Practice schedules are distributed on a monthly basis. Games occur after school as well, with half of the games at home, and the other half of the games at the opposing schools. The school WILL provide transportation to and from school for all away games. In addition we provide an athletic trainer on campus, to all of our athletes to assist with injuries, provide rehab, and advice for injury prevention.

The middle school teams are open for all students in grades 6-8. If cuts are required, the coaches are required to keep a mixture of students from all grade levels. Participating on the middle school teams is a voluntary commitment on behalf of the student and their family. As such, as an athletic department we expect student-athletes to attend all games and practices, as well as to keep their grades up. Although our teams do take up a good bit of time, we do not suggest middle school athletes leaving their weekend teams. Middle school athletics provides new and exciting opportunities, but does not provide the extensive schedules many athletes are used to.

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